Mark Your Calendar for the IPA June Tournament!!!

There will be a more specific announcement the week of June 3rd.

While the two days of tournament play are intended to have some competitive fun, EVERYONE is invited to attend our picnic on Friday June 21st. The picnic should begin around 12:00. We are looking forward to some great Pickleball and for the opportunity to see everyone at the picnic.

Discover the Excitement of Pickleball with Our Beginner Lessons!!!

Summer Pickleball Camp for Grand Isle County Youth!!!

Courts Are Open – The IPA 2024 Season Has Begun!!!

Knight Point State Park – An Update

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Latest IPA News!!!

  • Isle LaMotte Court Fencing: New fencing was installed around the courts in Isle LaMotte in 2023; this is a great addition and will help in preserving the investments made by both the Town of Isle LaMotte and the IPA; see the IPA Photo Gallery for more pictures.
  • Alpine Shop, Vermont’s largest pickleball shop, is proud to become the locally owned retail sponsor of the IPA. IPA members will receive 10% OFF Pickleball paddles, balls, shoes & all casual clothing; see Good Deals on New Equipment for more details.

  • North Here Courts: The North Hero school courts were re-surfaced in late 2023 and have new lines; they will be ready for lots of pickleball once school is out. Check the Playtime Scheduler for new schedule and the IPA Photo Gallery page for more pictures.
  • Need a New Paddle? The Islands Pickleball Association (IPA) is pleased to provide its members with three options for purchasing new pickleball paddles or other pickleball equipment at discounted prices.
  • For more details go to Good Deals on New Equipment.

  • Donaldson Shed delivered and leveled by Court, Moose and Tim in 2023; Great Job and Thank You!
  • New Pickleball Machine: There is a now a pickleball machine available for IPA members use at Donaldson. Please read the Safety Precautions and Instructions for use and see Court Perry for access into the shed.

Introduction to Islands Pickleball Association

The Islands Pickleball Association, Inc. (IPA) has the stated mission “to promote the game of Pickleball, and to provide for organization of Pickleball programs and activities in Vermont’s Grand Isle County”.  Pickleball is similar to tennis, and is played on a smaller court with a net, paddle and ball.  It has increased in popularity over the past ten years, particularly among the senior population.  Pickleball promotes increased activity, physical and mental wellness and social networking for all, which is particularly helpful in the senior citizens in the islands.

The IPA offers introductory pickleball sessions each summer. With more courts and more volunteer instructors, interest in Champlain Islands Pickleball continues to expand each summer, and IPA membership continues to grow.  In the broader view, pickleball continues to be the fastest growing sport in the nation, and accordingly, will impact the growth of pickleball in the Champlain Islands.

Islands Pickleball Association