The Islands Pickleball Association, Inc. (IPA) has the stated mission “to promote the game of Pickleball, and to provide for organization of Pickleball programs and activities in Vermont’s Grand Isle County”.  Pickleball is similar to tennis, and is played on a smaller court with a net, paddle and ball.  It has increased in popularity over the past ten years, particularly among the senior population.  Pickleball promotes increased activity, physical and mental wellness and social networking for all, which is particularly helpful in the senior citizens in the islands.

The IPA has begun offering increased introductory pickleball sessions. With more courts and more volunteer instructors, interest in Islands pickleball has expanded this summer, and IPA membership has grown almost 50%.  In the broader view, pickleball continues to be the fastest growing sport in the nation, and accordingly, will impact the growth of pickleball in the Champlain Islands.

Islands Pickleball Association