KPSP Donations: How Much Do You Need From Me?

The IPA Board recognizes that we represent many levels of financial security and responsibilities.  As we launch the Time for Teamwork Pledge Drive, our number one goal is to draw 100% participation from IPA members – – regardless of the size of each member’s contribution.

And because you asked, we offer several giving options for your consideration.  We’ve highlighted the $300/$600 level based on the concept that we’d surpass the goal and provide some insurance against cost increases if our average per member donation was $300.  Please note that you can make a one-time donation or take advantage of a monthly pledge option to get you to your giving goal.

To donate, identify your giving level below and then select the appropriate button (in blue). For PayPal, when it asks What’s this for?, please enter your name and the note “KPSP Donation”.

  • DINK: $100-$299
  • DROP: $300 (or $25/month for 12 months x 220 members equals $66,000)
  • VOLLEY: $600 (or $50/month for 12 months for a 2-member household)
  • SERVE: $601-$1500
  • DRIVE: $1501-$5000
  • LOB: Other

<<<<<< One-Time >>>>>>

< Monthly (w/credit card) >

NOTE: One-time donations can also be made by mailing a check (made out to IPA) directly to the Islands Pickleball Association, Inc., PO Box 82, South Hero, VT 05486; please add “KPSP Donation” on the memo line of the check.

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