When To Play

The Islands Pickleball Association (IPA) uses the Playtime Scheduler system to set weekly schedules in order to reduce rotational wait times.  Scheduled sessions will be limited to 20 players at Donaldson and North Hero, and 16 players at Isle La Motte and Alburgh.  The 20 and 16 player limitations will be reviewed throughout the season and may be adjusted based on session participation. If you used the Playtime Scheduler last year, you should be able to access it again. For new players who haven’t used the scheduler, the following guidance is provided.

Access the scheduler through Playtime Scheduler.  Once at this site, select the Register button.  Select USA, Vermont and the Lake Champlain Islands to reach the New User Registration screen.  Fill in the basic information fields.  To help you determine your skill level, please select the following document, IPA Pickleball Skill Rating, to find your appropriate skill level.

The Anti – Spam verification fields below the skill level field can be confusing.  They are asking for the beginning score of a pickleball game.  What they want is a 0 in the first box, a 0 in the second box and a 2 in the third box.  After filling in these fields, select the register button.

Session Selection

After registering and you’ve accessed the Playtime Scheduler site, enter your email address and select the Log In button.  You’ll be taken to a calendar which contains circles representing scheduled sessions in the various locations as shown.  Click on the specific session and you’ll see the players who have already signed up.  If you’re interested in playing, click on the “add name” button, and you’ll be added to the list.  The Playtime Scheduler app is very intuitive and easy to use.

Islands Pickleball Association